Monday, January 26, 2009

First blog

Hi everyone. We had intended to start one of these things before Miles was born. I guess we did through myspace, but not everyone has that.

So a little update on Miles: He's over 14 months old now. It's unbelievable how fast time is going. He's walking, kind of talking, into everything. Right now as I type, he's chasing poor Tortilla. She pretends to hate it, but she always comes back for more.

Miles is learning all sorts of new skills and it just baffles us. He knows to pic up clothes on the floor and put them in the baskets. Now he sometimes puts dirty clothes in the clean clothes basket, but it's a start. He's also learning to follow simple commands. We can ask where his toys are and he'll go look for them. I can hand him something and say "give to daddy" and he'll carry it over to Tom. He's also kissing us. Drooly as the kisses may be.

Miles also started a swim class. He had to miss last class because he has some awful stomach bug. He's had it for a week now! We're fighting it though.

Tom is still at ESI. He really likes it there. He works with very nice people, which is a plus. He has Miles 2 nights a week all to himself while I teach.

I'm still teaching at the University of Akron. I like teaching the evening classes. It seems more informal and the students do seem to participate more.