Sunday, February 22, 2009

Playful, playful Miles

Miles adores playing. We love watching him play and playing with him. He's had a long, play-filled weekend and I can tell he's loved every single minute of it.

Friday, I took him to Fun Fortress to jump and play in the inflatable bounce house. He had so much fun doing that. Then I went to McDonald's with Katelyn and Tonya and their girls to play. Miles loves that McDonald's!

Saturday, Miles had his swim class. He's such a fish and I'm sad that we only have one week left. Maybe we'll sign up for session 2? Then we went to the library and Miles had some fun playing in the children's library. We came home so he could eat and nap. After he woke up we packed up and went to see Tom's friend Darin from high school for a bit and then visited Tom's parents. Today we took Miles to Amazone. He LOVED it. He climbed and climbed. I think sometimes he's part monkey too. Tom took him down 2 slides too. They were BIG compared to what Miles is use to.

We are so anxious for winter to be over. The parks are calling to us!!! Once it gets warm and drier out, we plan to take walks to the park up the road and meet Tina and Lorelei.

We're also starting to plan for Easter. I'm still searching for a great outfit. I plan on stopping at Children's Orchard before our Mardi Gras party on Tuesday to buy some jeans for Miles, so maybe they'll have some Easter clothes out.

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  1. Brooke~ You NEED to update your blog! :-D

    I hope you are feeling well!