Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentines Day party

Today Miles got to celebrate Valentines Day with his friends. This also marks our 1 year anniversary of being in NEOAMG! It's hard to believe we've only known our friends for 1 year. Last year Miles was just an itty bitty baby at the party who just sat with mommy and watched the other kids play. It's amazing how all of his friends have grown too!

Miles loves seeing his two "best friends." That's in quotes because they're only 15, 17 and 23 months old and really don't interact other than waving or sharing a plate of food. But I can see Miles is starting to recognize them from all of the other events and smiles and walks towards them when he sees them. I can't wait until they start forming real friendships. I just hope Aidan and Miles include Kaydan once they realize there's a difference between boys and girls, because she's just the cutest little girl ever!

Miles also has 2 penpals. He sent a fish card and a drawing with stickers to one and tonight we're going to work on the seond penpal's letter. I bought a bunch of stickers today for Miles to use.

Oh, and I am gradually working my way into crafiness. I bought a new canvas bag and some patches and I'm going to make Miles his very own library bag. We tend to misplace the books once we get home, so hopefully making something special will help us keep things together. He's going to have cars, trains and planes all over it. I'm excited to work on it.

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